Darjeeling First Flush 2014 | Coming Soon

With the onset of January, the preparations for the very coveted Darjeeling First Flush Teas for the year 2014 have begun at the various tea estates in Darjeeling. 

Last year, Golden Tips Teas was the first company to make available the world's earliest First Flush Darjeeling Tea to tea lovers & connoisseurs across the world with Rohini Kind being the first tea to be made available. 

With our pre-bookings & limited quantity of the early offerings, some of our teas were exhausted hours after they were put on the website. 

This year also, the Darjeeling First Flush 2014 Teas will be available to our customers in as early as February, 2014 on our online store.

With our express shipping options & delivered in 3-7 days in most countries, enjoy & relish the luxury of a GARDEN FRESH Darjeeling First Flush 2014 Tea. All our teas are delivered direct from our Darjeeling showrooms & packaging warehouse.

For pre-bookings, wholesale bookings & to join our newsletter mail us sales@goldentipstea.com 

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