The Alluring World of Tea

Every year, a huge variety of tea is produced in different countries and then exported around the globe. No one can accurately tell the exact number of varieties but the processing that the tea leaves go through after being harvested decide whether they will be sold as black tea or oolong tea or green tea or white tea and so on.

An interesting fact is that most countries that produce numerous varieties of tea are located near the equator. India, China, Sri Lanka, Japan and Indonesia are famous for processing/manufacturing and exporting tea to diverse corners of the world. Camellia Sinensis planthas has primarily two varieties which are Thea Sinensis found in China and the other one is Thea Assamica found in India.

The different types of flavors that these leaves are processed into are a source of joy for any tea lover. The processing results in an assortment of color, scent, taste, etc which makes tea one of the most popular beverage in the world.

Pure unblended Indian teas are a favorite among Connoisseurs world-wide because in terms of quality and flavor they are unparalleled and the best. The climate that a tea plant grows in has a big impact on the overall result and taste. If the soil is acidic and the area of tea plantation receives good rainfall, then rest assured, the final quality will also be great.

To assure supreme quality, most tea estates have workers who hand-pick the leaves. Yes, this is one work that humans can do efficiently themselves because machines may destroy or damage the leaves. Also, machines can’t pick and choose that competently. Tea estates in Darjeeling are renowned for producing quality tea products. The first flush Darjeeling tea is a sought-after beverage by millions. Huge quantities are exported and consumed by people in India and in various other countries.

There are two seasons in a year when tea industry is very active. The early spring time is the time for first harvest and is called the ‘first flush’. First flush Darjeeling tea and quality black tea can bring a smile on a person’s face on even a bad day, it has that magic! The second harvest is during the summers and called the ‘second flush’. These two are the primary seasons.

The workers on tea estates work hard throughout the year and keep a close watch on every plant and strive to produce the best of tea whether black tea or first flush Darjeeling tea or any other variety. If you are a Darjeeling tea fan and want to buy Darjeeling tea in Moscow, then there are numerous stores and online sites to buy the best among the rest.

Darjeeling is located at a high-altitude in northeastern India at the foothills of the Himalayas. Darjeeling is well-known for producing black tea but very few people know that it produces green and white tea too. People who want to buy Darjeeling tea in Moscow should surely go through and read about the wide range of tea that India produces every year.

If you are a fan of pure Indian tea, then start exploring this beautiful and tempting new world!

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