Try a satisfying cup of Masala Chai

Once popular in the East, the humble cup of Chai or tea has made its way to the West as well. More and more people now prefer to start their day or rejuvenate their evenings with a fresh cup of Masala Chai. While Black Tea, Oolong Tea, Green Tea and several other variants are widely popular, a lot of people are now finding Masala Chai to be very satisfying. This mixed spice tea is known for its aromatic black tea, Indian spices and herbs such as green cardamom pops, cinnamon sticks and ginger or cloves. Originated in India, the cup of Masala Chai is quite satisfying to the senses with its scintillating aroma and filling flavors.

The Indian Masala Chai uses black tea as base, mostly from Darjeeling or Assam, which is known for its robust or full-bodied taste with spicy flavors. The muscatel flavors are then blended with a variety of spices, like star anise, cinnamon, cardamom, ginger and mug. This is later mixed with milk, to give it richness. Sweetener maybe added as well.

Indian Masala Chai is quite satisfying; the flavors are strong, leaving a lingering taste in the month and ensuring that you feel full, quite literally. They can be complemented with healthy baked goods to make for a perfect, healthy snack-time for your afternoons or evenings. The tea is satisfying because of its health benefits. For instance, the addition of ginger improves digestion, prevents cold and flu while improving blood circulation. Cloves and cinnamon have been known for their antibacterial and blood sugar regulating properties respectively. Similarly, cardamom reduces acidity. That’s how the flavor and the health benefits make Masala Chai make for a satisfying drink.

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