We Brewed Jun Tea! And Discovered The Ultimate Recipe To Brew A Perfect Batch

Last year we delighted tea lovers around the world with our secret Kombucha recipe. This year we brewed our first batch of Jun Tea, we’re hooked! Given the success of the kombucha brewed with Vahdam Teas, we kept looking for more exciting options that we could play around with. With a lot of support and encouragement from our patrons, we decided to take our passion for fermented drinks to the next level — Jun Tea. What struck us as interesting even as we started, was the realisation that we preferred green tea... Read More

Are You Prepared To Brew The Most Sinful Cup To Share With A Special Someone?

Here comes February and cupid calls upon all those sweet nothings you’ve saved up through the year. How about trying your hand at homemade chocolate chai? With Valentine’s Day around the corner, there is a lot of love on everyone’s mind. There is constant pressure to outdo each other every year and with the market flooded with all kinds of gifts, we hoped you would prefer a simpler, handmade expression of health and quality time to show your love. Without further adieu, it is time to take charge of the... Read More

Ginger versus Ginseng: Rooted In Two Completely Different Realities!

The two most commonly confused magical roots from Asia — ginger and ginseng — offer a completely different flavor and benefits when added to tea The traditional herbs and roots that have been used in Asia for the past few centuries make for a wealth of knowledge that the rest of the world is waking up to. However, not everything we know about the traditional methods of healing is entirely correct. Since not much of the information is available at hand, common confusions are rife. The feud of ginger and ginseng is a long... Read More

It’s Time To Toast To A Year Of Steeping In Tea, With Tea Cocktails

You’re welcome! It’s time to call over friends and family and serve some classy Christmas cocktails. So we’re here to help you fashion some traditional drinks, with a dash of tea. That makes all the difference in the world. The best part? You get to try them before the guests arrive! Tea Punch This is a classic pairing of champagne, sugar and cream. The effervescent bubbles of the champagne help to lighten the cream and the sugar really ties it all together. Adding the tea adds the malty character as... Read More

Have You Got Your Cheese Moustache Yet? This The Best Cheese Tea Recipe!

There’s a new Taiwanese trend that’s taking the world by storm. Milk tea lovers are loving the effect and non-milk takers are bending the rule for this delicious new offering! Try it today! This will surely get you confused but not in a distasteful way. After winning over Taiwan and America, Cheese Tea has now reached UK and is finding an equal measure of conflicted emotions. The fact is, whether one approves of it or not, Cheese Tea has arrived! What is Cheese Tea? To put it simply, you make... Read More
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