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Rating 4.6

Darjeeling Tea Sampler - 10 Teas

An assortment of delicious black teas from Darjeeling with natural muscatel flavors and delicate aromas!
3.53 Oz . 100 gm . 10 Samplers $19.99
3.53 Oz . 100 gm . 10 Samplers $19.99


3.53 Oz . 100 gm . 10 Samplers

Tasting Notes A splendid assortment of pure, garden-fresh black teas from the blessed region of Darjeeling, nestled in the Himalayan foothills in North-East India. Renowned around the globe for its play of natural muscatel flavors, spring-like briskness, and a deeply invigorating aroma, Darjeeling Black teas are a connoisseurs delight. We source these premium quality black teas from the most esteemed tea gardens perched at various altitudes and offering prized attributes in these teas. Grab our sampler collection of 10 Darjeeling black teas and be amazed!
Sampler Constituents
Item Name Description Size
Darjeeling Premium First Flush Black Tea
A classic summer tea from Darjeeling with balanced notes of charred greens and dried figs.
Darjeeling Spring Gold First Flush Black Tea
An exquisite spring Darjeeling blend with a beautiful, complex profile of floral and fruity notes.
Castleton Premium Darjeeling First Flush Black Tea
An extravagant spring tea with fragrant notes of citrus blossoms and a hint of sweetness of honey.
Giddapahar Exotic Darjeeling First Flush Black Tea
A fragrant spring chinary tea from Darjeeling with uplifting brisk notes of fresh greens and nuts.
Daily Darjeeling Black Tea
A mellow Darjeeling summer tea with uplifting notes of date palm and fermented barley.
Imperial Muscatel Darjeeling Black Tea
This muscatel Darjeeling tea has a mellow liquor with rich notes of oak, plum and rose.
Okayti Premium Darjeeling Black Tea
A splendid organic Darjeeling spring tea with classic attributes of brisk and lively flavors.
Darjeeling Spice Chai Tea
The quintessential taste of premium Darjeeling black tea with the warm notes of fresh spices.
Darjeeling Pearl White Tea
A rare Darjeeling white tea with a floral aroma and delectable undertones of fresh greens.
High Mountain Darjeeling Oolong Tea
Our blender's choice, this Oolong tea is robust, full-bodied, and tipped with fruity flavors.

Customer Reviews

Based on 126 reviews
Great Teas

I just bought these teas and I haven't had a chance to taste them yet. However, they smell absolutely fantastic and the packaging is excellent. There's no doubt they are 100% fresh and will stay that way until I use every last bit. I was so excited about receiving them that I opened each individual package to smell every tea flavor I received and I was so wonderfully surprised at how each one had it's own individual aroma and you could almost taste it they were so strong and fresh. Very, very happy with my first order and will definitely be ordering again.

Very fresh

Very good tea. I will reorder.

Great tea sampler!

Excellent tea sampler at a reasonable price. We bought this for friends as a gift so we weren’t able to taste all of the teas but the one we tried was quite good.

Price and Taste don't match

Ever since the local tea merchant(s) went out of business in my neighborhood, I have been searching for a smooth, full-body Darjeeling black tea (preferable second flush) but I have been unsuccessful. I saw this 'rated' tea leaves and gave it a try for the 10 pack sampler. I have tried 7 out of 10 different leaves so far and found it to lack body, aroma, and flavor. Even if it is steeped for 5 minutes, the tea is too smooth and tastes literally watered down. Tea leaf rating seems accurate in that leaves were properly sealed in a bag and the leaves were virtually unbroken. I need to find a sweet, fragrant and a lingering/satisfying finish elsewhere.

I don’t think so...

I thought this was going to be really beautiful Darjeeling, but...meh. The price is way too high for fairly mediocre tea.