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White Tea Sampler - 5 Teas

A connoisseur’s sampler collection of rare, aromatic, and mellow White Teas. Delicate, Delightful.
1.76 Oz . 50 gm . 5 Samplers $17.99
1.76 Oz . 50 gm . 5 Samplers $17.99


1.76 Oz . 50 gm . 5 Samplers

Tasting Notes We present you with a collector’s edition of 5 of our prized White Teas. Unlike green teas, these rare and exquisite are sourced from tender buds and plucked before the first ray of dawn with the least amount of processing involved. Mellow flavors that blend in magically with the invigorating aroma make our white teas a pleasurable delight. Choose from the choicest white teas from Darjeeling, Nilgiri, and the mystical Kangra Valley in India. The rarest and the purest.
Sampler Constituents
Item Name Description Size
Imperial Himalayan White Tea
A prized autumnal white tea blend from the Himalayan foothills with a mellow and sweet flavor. 
Blue Mountain Nilgiri White Tea
A signature Nilgiri white tea blend with rich notes of fresh grass and splendid floral flavors. 
Imperial Earl Grey White Tea
A deeply fragrant white tea blessed with a delectable citrusy and floral profile.
Silver Needle White Tea
A fragrant white tea carrying a brisk and complex fruity profile, reminiscent of raw papaya notes.  
Darjeeling Pearl White Tea
A rare Darjeeling white tea with a floral aroma and delectable undertones of fresh greens. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 22 reviews
A great way to try a variety

I've never had a lot of white teas, I generally tend to lean towards black, so this was a good way to try out some lighter white teas. The packaging was nothing spectacular, but each tea was individually sealed in a larger bag. They are very tasty, I have enjoyed the change.

Interesting Selection

It's not quite 5 stars, let's say 4.4 but if you want a taste of some decent tea variations it's worth a try. The white was a little drier than I prefer, I find Davidson's Silver Needle more fresh and moist so I will probably go back to that. The beauty of white really comes out when it is fresh.

Disappointed by the quality and no returns accepted.

I don't like to leave bad reviews, but this product is not what the seller advertises. The leafs aren't fresh, they are extremely dry with no flavor, no color, simply very poor quality. I don't mind to spend 20 dlls for a good quality white tea but paying 20 dollars for a bad quality it hurts my pocket. It is not worth it. The pictures displayed are nothing compared with the real product. And what I dislike the most is that the seller doesn't accept returns. I respectfully think that is not the way to do business.

Except flavor

I had no idea I could get white tea with such great flavor, and so fresh and pure. I won???t order tea from anyone else now.

Really delicious tea

I love this tea. I have never drank tea that tasted so fresh and natural. My favorite is the earl grey. The smell is incredible. It???s smooth but the bergamot is not overpowering so I can taste and smell the tea leafs. I recommend any of the teas to anyone who truly enjoys fresh teas.