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BLUSH Assorted Teas Gift Box -3 Teas

A captivating trio of 3 of our unique blends with impeccable taste and a host of health benefits.

Whats inside the box?

- Sweet Himalayan Detox Green Tea 1.05oz 20+ Cups
- Saffron Masala Chai 1.05oz 20+ Cups
- Earl Grey Masala Chai 1.05oz 20+ Cups
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Customer Reviews

Based on 46 reviews
Great mothers day gift

These were a gift for my mom. Scored big. She loves them

Mom loved it!


Excellent Tea

Excellent tea!!! Very smooth :) I brought this as a gift to my self. Excellent taste and worth it:)

Great Gift for Tea Lovers

These teas are fantastic! My son gave me the chai tea set for Christmas and I loved them so much. I just bought these for my Mom for Mother’s Day. Highly recommend them. They have great flavor and I love the tins.

The best tea I have ever had.

I have tried many teas over the years but nothing prepared me for these.A little background. Right now, I cannot indulge as I'd like to with fine tea ao I've been making do. I have a hard time 'spoiling ' myself, preferring to do for others before me.I got this set to give away at a company party since I wanted to do something special for a fellow tea lover and I had heard high praise for these teas.However, due to a shipping error, these arrived the day after the party! There I was with this amazing set and no one to give it to. I could drink it without feeling guilty and I set about making my first cup of Saffron Chai.The Saffron Chai is without a doubt the best tea I have ever had. It hits the correct balance of robust black tea flavor and delicate spices. Everything blends perfectly and works to transform into a unique, yet comforting, taste that transported me into a mini vacation.The other two teas were also exquisite and all of them were gone all too soon. The tins are marvelous for little treasures and very well made.As soon as I can, I plan on indulging in many more cups of this amazing tea.Kudos to the person who came up with this blend.

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