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Founder's Private Reserve TRIO - 3 Teas

A Founder’s collection of 3 exceptional loose-leaf teas elegantly packed in regal tea caddies, perfect for a grand gesture.

Whats inside the box?

- India's Original Masala Chai 1.76oz 20+ Cups
- Himalayan Green Tea 1.76oz 20+ Cups
- Maharaja Breakfast Black Tea 1.76oz 20+ Cups
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Customer Reviews

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Absolutely superb!!

Although I have been a tea lover my entire life, I only recently discovered the pure bliss of masala chai, brewed the traditional way. Whilst looking for some high quality masala chai, I came across this three tinned variety set from VAHDAM and decided to treat myself since it contains the three types of tea I drink every day. My first impression was visual: beautiful packaging and tins, which definitely made it feel like a gift to myself! My second impression was the luscious aroma and the beautiful leaves - the leaves are a fuller cut than I've seen in most loose teas. (After seeing these leaves, you might suspect that other teas are just the stale remnants!)- The Maharaja Black Breakfast tea is robust, crisp and full of flavour.- The Himalayan Green is nothing short of divine and is the freshest tasting green tea I have found.- India's Original Masala Chai is the crown jewel for me. I make it the traditional way on the stove and immensely enjoy the aroma as it's brewing. It has fabulous flavour and great spiciness. I give each and every one of the three teas highest rating for freshness, quality, presentation and taste. I will most definitely purchase this set again, especially as gifts for family and friends, and not just as a wonderful treat to myself.I commend Mr. Sarda and his team on producing outstanding teas that are ethical and fair-trade, and, just as importantly, for giving back to the families of tea growers through the TEAch ME Initiative. Education is the most precious gift of all.

best teas

freshest teas!!!

Wonderful tea

Was A great Christmas gift

Awesome tea!!

I got this as a gift for my girlfriend for her birthday and she decided to share a cup with me and it has to be one of the best tasting teas period. Highly recommend this as a gift for someone or if you just want to treat yourself.


Founder's Private Reserve TRIO (3 Teas)

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