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Presenting our brand new 100% Herbal supplements range of Vahdam Wellness Superblends in 8 functional variants


Made of unique herbs, spices, flowers, and other kinds of botanicals, all of which are time-honored by India’s traditional school of medicine, Ayurveda, but also have proven scientific benefits based on findings from clinical studies. Our Wellness Teas are all 100% Herbal supplements which means that they are caffeine-free, Non-GMO, naturally gluten-free, and Keto-friendly.

What can we help you with?

Wellness routines shouldn't be complicated. That's why we make solution based products that complement each other.


Skin Support Tea

20 Day Kit - $17.99


Immunity Support Tea

20 Day Kit - $15.00


Energy Support Tea

30 Day Kit - $17.99


Weight Support Kit

20 Day Kit - $23.99

Being a mommy doesn't feel like a task anymore...because I have my cup of calm twice everyday. This sleep support blend lets you rest out really well, rids you off the entire day's fatigue.

Elizabeth Tyler

10 July 2021

Listen up folks, this has been my best purchase lately! 100% Natural & Organic Tea, a simplest way to keep your immunity in check. Super delicious and the fragrance this tea has, I am a fan.

Liana Scott

9 July 2021

Say bye to bloating days with this holy grail right here. I'm simply in awe of the wonders this colon cleanse tea is. Do give it a sip.

Brooke Kersten

12 July 2021