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Hibiscus Apple Iced Tea Premix

ICED GREEN TEA, Low Calorie Pre - workout Refreshment | 20 Sachets

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    Product Description

    Rejuvenate your spirits with an antioxidant-rich, USDA certified organic blend of fresh crunch apples and the goodness of Hibiscus mixed with o. . .

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    Make the Perfect Cup

    200 ml normal water/Cold water

    Cut a sachet and Mix Well

    Refrigerate for 3-4 Hours. Add ice cubes

    Best consumed plain

    Ingredients for getting after it.

    Apple Extracts

    Enhances flavor of the tea, Promote good gut bacteria, Good for bone health

    Lemon Extracts

    Rich source of Vitamin C, Prevents kidney stones, Improves digestive health


    Helps in weight management, Rich in Anti - Oxidants, Helps in lowering blood pressure

    Green Tea

    Helps in weight management, Rich in Anti - Oxidants, Improves Cognitive Function


    Reduces risk of diabetes, Aids weight control, Reduces blood pressure


    Has Anti -Microbial properties, Acts as Anti-Inflammatory, Helps in improving digestion

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    Big Tea

    Garden Fresh Tea

    Door Delivered in 100+ Countries

    Ethical, Direct & Fair Trade

    No Middlemen

    USDA Organic

    Plastic free packaging

    Loves tea as much as you do

    Most Definitely

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Can it be consumed instantly?

    You will have to wait for some hours in order to give it in to the tempting iced tea blend. Cut a sachet and mix it in 200ml water, and steeping it for 5 minutes, keep it refrigerated for 3-4 hours. Add ice cubes, and then, allow this blend to refresh you.

    What is the best time to consume it?

    You can have it anytime; pre-workout / post-workout, after a long day at the office, post a heavy lunch, right when you see the sun, just before you call it a day.

    Are there any artificial flavours/sweeteners added?

    No, It contains no artificial flavors, colors or sweeteners. It has 100% natural ingredients.

    What is the shelf life of products?

    All Vahdam Teas have a shelf-life of 3 years from the Date of Picking/Harvest. The 'Date of Expiry' are mentioned on the bottom of all our boxes.

    Where are your Teas from?

    We source our teas from over 150 renowned plantations and small individual farms in India. Within the country, we procure from 5 popular tea-producing regions, namely: Darjeeling, Assam, Nilgiri, Kangra, and Sikkim.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 68 reviews
    John Brown
    Super Healthy

    I am a regular customer and can not express how amazing this tea is, To me it is the best on the market

    George Wilson
    Unbelievable flavor

    I am incredibly speechless!

    Richard Miller
    Worth the money

    The blend of Hibiscus, Apple and Lemon with Green Tea is very appetising, I like to take it hot with breakfast.

    Kenneth Martin
    Delicious tea

    Fantastic product and great tasting tea. I will definitely be a returning customer!! Love it 😍

    Mark Jones
    Buying again!!

    Would definitely recommend purchasing! Amazing product at this price point

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    Hibiscus Apple Iced Tea Premix

    Hibiscus Apple Iced Tea Premix