Rose Herbal Green Tea

Rose Herbal Green Tea

A rich and healing blend of premium indian green tea with over 21 medicinal herbs from the Himachal valley of India. The green tea base is prepared by blending leaf green teas from the Kangra Valley & Assam. The tea is then combined with ancient herbs like Rose petals, mint, holy basil (tulsi) among others in a researched ratio to make for an extremely grassy and aromatic tea cup of tea. The tea is characteristic of an earthy aroma of rose with bright liquor in the cup and a refreshing and rejuvenating aftertaste. Extremely delicious with multiple health benefits.
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Tea TypeThere are primarily 4 tea types i.e Black, Green, Oolong & White. Plucked and produced from the same tea plant Camellia Sinensis, each tea type is differentiated based on the level of fermentation/oxidation they go through during production.
OriginIt refers to the tea growing region where this tea has been sourced from.
Flush / SeasonIt refers to the season in which this tea was harvested. First Flush refers to Spring & Second flush refers to summer.
EstateIt refers to the specific plantation/garden where this tea has be sourced from.
InvoiceTea in Indian plantations specially Darjeeling & Assam are growin in batches which are referred to the invoice number. An invoice numbers enurses that the single estate tea is 100% pure and genuine. The invoice is awarded to every batch by the tea estate itself.
Date of PickingIt refers to the date on which this tea was harvested from the tea plant and is not the date of packaging. Date of Packaging is the specific date on which the teas are finally packaged in our unit.
Grade​T​ea leaf grading is the process of evaluating products based on the quality and condition of the tea leaves​. ​The highest grades are referred to as "orange pekoe"​ i.e SFTGFOP1, FTGFOP1​, and the lowest as "fannings" or "dust".
SpecialityIt refers to weather this tea is from a specific single plantation or a special blend of teas from multiple estates & plantations curated by our Master Blenders. ​
CaffeineThe caffeine content in this tea categorized into three broad levels i.e low, medium & high.
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Green Tea Base, Arjuna Bark, Winter Cherry/ Indian Ginseng, Banaphsa, Cardamom, Indian Pennyworth, Badian-I-Khatai, Cinnamon, Rose Petals, Lemon Grass, Clove, Red Sandalwood, Liquorice, Cypriol, Mint, Fennel Seeds, Shankhpusphi, Indian Valerian, Sund, Bay Leaf, Holy Basil.