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Great mission

I recently tried Vahdam’s tea after reading the great review on the internet, and I find the rose tea delightful. I will definitely be ordering more flavors to expand my choices. But the most compelling reason I will continue giving this company my business is their mission to help tea farmers financially. I love the CEO’s story that comes with every order, and I wholeheartedly support his business model. As an avid tea drinker I am excited to find a product that tastes good and supports good, hard-working people in need. Well done, Vahdam!

So calming

When I first tried this I used a teaspoon from my regular utensils, and I was not impressed was over whelming. THEN, I used a measuring tsp., and what a difference smooth, delicious and so relaxing before bed actually had a good night sleep!!

Turmeric Ashwagandha Latte Mix

I tried this in hot milk, the first cup I did not like, the next cup I added a little Stevie and what a game changer a little sweetener makes...I love it now

Love it

I use 1 tea bag with the green cupware from vahdam tea throughout the whole day and the flavor lasts even after 4-5 cups. I've noticed it's belly trimming effect on me with weight loss.

Smooth and relaxing

This is a mildly tasty tea! I found the stress leaving my body before I finished the cup. It isn’t strong at all. I used 1 tsp in about 10 oz. of water. There is a hint of lemongrass and licorice. It’s very light and pleasant. It will make a good iced tea as well but I think the warm version will be more relaxing. I drank mine about two hours before bedtime and for the first time in years I slept very well. It will be a regular practice for me.

Love these teas!

Great taste and I am free to choose a sweetener if desired!

Excellent Tea

Purchased darjeeling tea for husband as Xmas gift to go with brand new teapot. He said it was the best tea he ever tasted. Will try another order and see how it goes!

A "10" in my book. Great gift for anyone who loves tea.

This was a Christmas gift, I was pleasantly surprised at the aroma and taste. This was my first time trying VAHDAM Tea. I would highly recommend. I usually find in gift sets a few I don't care for, I can't say that for this set. Every tea had its unique blend and aroma, they were all a "10". I will order again. Thank you, for a wonderful product.

Turmeric starter set

I love all 3 of the Turmeric lattes in this set! Perfect way to relax and warm up in the cooler weather.

Surprisingly good!!

Mr first cup was rather strong and I was not impressed, especially after reading so many positive comments. However, my second cup, and every one after that, has been marvelous. First cup was just too much tea and steeped too long!! I find this very satisfying and calming and delicious. A wonderful addition to my tea repertoire!!

Delicious tea

When I opened the Earl Grey tea I was overcome with the most magnificent fragrance. The freshness of the tea is unsurpassed from any other tea I've tried. I can't wait to try the other flavors. The glass tee pot and the 2 thermal cups are beautiful. The tea spoon to scoop the loose tea into my cup is a bonus. The only thing missing is a tea cozy. I'm super impressed with the overall presentation and the aromatic fragrences of the tea. Thank you for your attention to detailand sharing your product with us all.

I love the variety of choices and the ability to try so many to see which I like

Pretty and Functional

Love my pretty tea pot and all my loose leaf teas:)

Perfect gift for tea lover!

I bought this set for my sister in law who is a lover of loose tea. She loved the packaging and tea! I would definitely purchase again.

The perfect cup for me.

I drink a cup of tea with honey each night in bed. This cup is the perfect size, keeps the tea warm all night, and protects my side table from drips and spills. Love it.

Love all of the teas!

I have now tried all of the teas and can’t pick a favorite because I love them all. I use herbal tea and local raw honey to help me sleep. Because these are so flavorful I find myself adding a cup in the evening.

No complaints but nothing amazing either

I love vahdam teas. I have placed many many orders and have loved everything I received even not being an expert in tea. This one was no exception but it wasn't my favorite. I found the flavor was too mild. Will I drink it, absolutely, will I order this one again, probably not. The blue mountain white tea is my favorite

Best Tea

This Tea is Amazing!!! I got it as gift for Christmas and my friends I had finish it all! So I order 2 boxes of the Apple Peel Cinnamon. My new favorite Flavor! Amazing quality! LOVE it!!!!

Really surprised!

I love to drink green tea for the health benefits. What is usually innate is the lack of taste. Well, not here. I so far have tried the regular matcha and the vanilla matcha. I was blown away by the vanilla flavor in the vanilla matcha in a most pleasant and unexpected way! Looking forward to my next a few minutes! :)

Great way to try matcha

It was nice to get several different types of matcha tea to try. The vanilla was particularly good. A great option if you don't know what you want!

Excellent Quality

I got these as a gift for my girlfriend and we were both very impressed with the quality and the story behind this company. We'll continue to support them!

Love this Tumbler!

I treated myself to the Ardour Tumbler for Christmas. It is perfect for keeping my morning detox green tea hot for an hour to allow me to enjoy tea the way it should be the perfect temperature. I have even invested in a temperature controlled tea kettle to make sure my tea is prepared at the right temperature. I also learned to use Alexa to time my tea resulting in the perfect cup!

Himalayan Detox Green Tea

So happy I found Vahdam Teas online. If possible, would give them and their teas 10 Stars! As the Himalayan Detox Green tea contains Stevia, I do not add any sweetener which was something I wanted to get away from in 2021. Highly recommend trying this once and I hope you find it as enjoyable as I do.

Very stylish and functional

Love that the teapot has a long spout located at the bottom of the pot. This keeps the tea from spilling out the lid when I pour. Tea brews perfectly with a nice clean taste. My old cast iron pot left an after taste. Only drawback is it is difficult to clean the spout.