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The tea pot is very good quality. But it only holds 16 oz without it boiling over when on the stove top. The way it is made is awesome and the spout is great, easy to pour. Customer service is very good.


Really enjoy this blend. Recommended it to several friends.

Chai tea

First time trying Chai tea and it was delicious. Will definitely buy again for myself and for gifts.

Exactly what I was looking for.

Too often, I find mint green tea blends to consist of A LOT of sub-par green tea leaves and a teensy little splash of minty flavored something-or-other. This is NOT like those teas.

As soon as I opened the bag I could see I had received quality, long leaf green tea and an abundance of real, dried mint leaves. The mint scent was intense, exactly how I like it. I brewed almost according to directions - although I do always use extra tea since I like mine strong. This green tea turned out to be exactly what I was looking for: equal parts noticeably strong mint and mellow, grassy green tea that tastes delicious hot... and I think it will be the perfect iced tea as well so I’ll be trying that next.

If you like your mint to take a backseat in your flavored teas, this one probably isn’t for you. But if, like me, you’ve been disappointed by how non-minty most mint green teas are, check out Mint Melody. You won’t regret it.

Favorite Tea Ever

I adore the flavor of this tea. It's got the right blend of spice and warmth and no caffeine. Perfect for after dinner winding down.

Better than any chamomile tea I've tried so far!

This is a delightful tea hot or iced. The combination of flavors is close to superb. I'm a newbie to Vahdam and order the variety box of teas and some specific turneric products; the turmeric products are very, very good as well.

Very tasty tea

I have only tried the tea with ashwaganda. The tea is smooth and flavorful. I add a little honey and it tastes great. Good morning drink.


Smooth, delicious, and calming. Excellent flavor.

Nice tea bottle

It keeps my tea hot for hours. I use it almost daily.

New fav

I love this fragrant strong black, my new go to every morning. And, my 95 year old mother loves it too!

Tea Review

I have just began ordering from Vahdam and I am loving all the teas and tumeric lattes I have ordered so far! Best I've had in a long time!

Review will be coming later

I bought this for my daughter's birthday. She is an avid tea drinker. I don't have a review yet because her birthday is in June.
However, I did enjoy the sample tea bag that was included. It tasted very fresh and I would order it again.

Simply the best green tea!

Vahdam's Sweet Himalayan is simply the best green tea I've ever had. The flavor and fragrance are bright and pronounced, and with just the right hint of sweetness from the stevia, there's no need to add anything else. You nailed it--perfect!

Calming fresh and healthy - wow

I truly didn’t know what to expect with this tea except that the quality was going to be good because someone recommended it. I am a fan and I am getting ready to re-order right now. One of the wonderful benefits about this tea is that if you leave the teabag in past the recommended brewing phase it actually get a lovely peppery kick instead of getting bitter. I typically add a little bit of unsweet almond milk so it’s very lovely. And the calming affect of the ashwaganda is very mild so it’s good in the mid morning. Thank you for such a great quality product

Top Notch Assam

If you like Assam tea, this is one of the best. Flavorful and fragrant for an Assam (2nd flush/summer). Definitely staying on my shopping list.

Nice woody flavor

Vadham is a very reliable tea vendor. The Castleton 2020 Summer Muscatel Darjeeling is less sweet and more woody than other muscatels. Happy tea drinking!

I love this tea.

This tea soothes me and I do recommend this to all my fiends

Best tea from the worst person.

I have Parkinson's Disease and it affects my taste so finely balanced, delicate flavors are lost on my taste buds. I will say this the best herbal tea I can recall drinking in a long while. Other herbal teas are too bitter or too tart & I usually don't drink the whole cup before tossing the tea out. But this one, this one will be with me all summer. Or at least until I run out if I don't reorder soon enough. Shipping was amazing fast--I was amazed my order arrived so quickly.

This ice tea pitcher is worth every cent! The stainless steel holder for tea leaves submerges into the pitcher's center and osmosis takes care of the rest. Seals on the lid and the tea holder are snug, when inserted properly, & prevent leaks. The whole pitcher fits nicely into the bottom shelf of my ref. & even when it's completely full, it is not too heavy for my arthritic shoulder & hands.

Great matcha latte

It’s my favorite - sweet, but not too sweet. Love how easy it is to have a pick me up cup in afternoon.

Delicious coffee

I was hesitant to buy an instant coffee but I am so glad I tried the Turmeric Coffee. It is so good and so easy to prepare.

Outstanding !!!

Excellent quality tea, nice turmeric ginger flavor, plus I like the fact 1% of revenue goes towards educating tea growers children.

Excellent tea maker and dispenser!

This pitcher is great! It makes a larger capacity of tea for my thermos and guests. The infuser produces beautifully clear tea and a yummy drink. Get one!

Travel Tea Cup

I love these cups for travel! I also have several of your teas...they are the best ever!!!!

Delicious Anytime of the day!!

I am normally not a tea drinker but I am now. I enjoy a cup anytime of the day. Will be ordering again and the box is beautiful!