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Excellent !

Iced Tea Pitcher
Eric Bennett
Ice tea pitcher

This item is great. The tastse of the tea is crisp and clean

Outstanding !

Love this tea.

great teas to enjoy

I have been buying Vahdam teas for several years now. Just enjoy them so much I stopped buying other brands of loose teas. Consistent quality and very unique flavor profiles. Just a great over all breakfast tea

We really love this tea! We bought several others at the same time, but we tried this one first and liked it so much it was quite a while before we got around to even trying the others!

My wife and I have enjoyed all the turmeric varieties!


I have been converted to tea over coffee!! This Chai Tea sampler is a wonderful way to continue to explore to find my favorites... the only problem is I love them all! And the box they come in is so attractive that it sits on one of the tables in my office at work. I'm hooked!

Delicious and refreshing

So delicious! Perfect refreshing tea blend for a hot Mississippi summer!


Those teams were amazing. I love the way that they had a smooth sip would refer them to anybody

Beautiful box and tin

Haven't had a chance to try yet. Hope to soon!!


I wasn't feeling well and made the recover with boiling water and was feeling better within the hour. this stuff works really well just ordered my second box :)

Fabulous Indian & British Tea

How wonderful your selection of teas are; they are so fresh & ready to be steeped!!!! Every hot cup of tea takes me away into a different realm, and I get to relax and think of creative and artistic things and places to go while enjoying all of your teas!!!! Thank you so much!


The latte is great! Gives me a great boost in the mornings and I feel great throughout the day! Will be ordering again!

Great tea

Preferred iced. Unsweetened.

Exceptionally good

Exceptionally good 2021 first flush Darjeeling. Flavorful, fresh and refreshing.


Absolutely delicious tea. Just ordered more. My new favorite.

Perfect Serve Tea Spoon
Sarah Castleberry

Perfect great quality

Happy with my tea 🫖

Quality very pleased


absolutely amazing at keeeping things hot, the best cup Ive ever had

Works just as advertised

Simply Amazing


Tumbler does what its meant to do. Kept my coffee hot and cold drink cold. Going to buy another its that good.

You get exactly

Its exactly what it says it is


it's surprisingly hot, and still pleasantly drinkable after 3-4 hours. Fantastic. Seems durable: there are no plastic lugs or hinges to break, and it comes clean nicely in the dishwasher.

Sturdy Mug

I will be buying another set because my wife and I always reach for these tumblers first.