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Rating 4.5

Earl Grey Tea Sampler - 5 Teas

Discover the exotic flavors of our variety of Earl Grey blends. Heavenly aromas, delicate flavors.
1.76 Oz . 50 gm . 5 Samplers $11.99
1.76 Oz . 50 gm . 5 Samplers $11.99


1.76 Oz . 50 gm . 5 Samplers

Sampler Constituents
Item Name Description Size
Earl Grey Citrus Black Tea
A blend of the finest Indian black teas and premium Bergamot oil. Relish a fruity, fragrant cuppa!
Earl Grey Citrus Green Tea
An impeccable blend of fresh green teas from Darjeeling, with the uplifting notes of Bergamot Oil.
Earl Grey Chai Tea
An artisanal blend of the traditional Masala Chai with the uplifting notes of natural bergamot oil.
Maharaja Earl Grey Oolong Tea
An exotic summer Oolong tea with uplifting notes of Bergamot extracts and a sweet floral aroma.
Imperial Earl Grey White Tea
A deeply fragrant white tea blessed with a delectable citrusy and floral profile.

Customer Reviews

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Earl Grey is one of my favorite types of tea. I don’t have a favorite. They all rate that title.

extrelmely fresh and fragrant

I liked the merchant's story and passion, the packaging, the presentation, the quality and the delivery. I will order many times in the future....goodbye to all other brands except Harney.

Taste very good

Love it

Delectable Tea

I am always trying new teas and when I first ordered Vahdam Tea, my purchase was based upon the packaging (I also bought one for a gift) and the story of the Vahdam Tea company. I thought - why not give it a try?I purchased the Earl Gray 5 pack of teas. I have tried all varieties and can say that it was a pleasure drinking each cup. The aroma of the tea upon opening revealed subtle nuances that were evident when I drank the tea (not like other teas I have purchased that smell amazing and taste like nothing). Each of the 5 Earl Gray tea flavors came in its own bag of loose tea. The tea leaves were not finely ground but instead were larger tea leaves. When brewed, the leaves re-hydrated and appeared to be fresh tea leaves.As any tea drinker knows, if you brew tea to long, it doesn't always taste good. The Vahdam teas have the measurement and the seep time on each package. The bags also shows the recommended amount of tea to use. (See image). The bags also have a strong Ziploc closure to keep the tea sealed once the bag is opened. How convenient!The tea smell, color and taste was wonderful. I only add sweeteners to teas I drink that need a boost for taste. I did not have to do this with the Vahdam Earl Gray teas. The tea was perfect unsweetened. I am very pleased with this purchase and highly recommend Vahdam tea for anyone that enjoys a good cup of tea. The person I purchased the second bag as a gift for was equally excited about their Vahdam teas experience. I will definitely order again.

Takes very little tea leaves for a nice strong cup of tea!!!!

This tea is absolutely the best . Has the tea aroma a tea should have when steeping . We used the Chai recipe for latte ....it was better than any Chai Tea Latte I???ve had. Shared with my daughter and grandson they loved it !!!!!