Rejuvenate Your Body and Mind with Tantalizing Assam Black Tea

Black tea is one of the most popular variety of tea with over 75% of all tea consumed around the world. One of a well-known variety of tea is Assam black tea which is well known for its malty flavor with a tinge of fruitiness.   Assam Black Tea is grown in Assam, India which is one of the world's largest tea growing areas. This tea needs good weather conditions like extreme heat, humidity and abundant rain to grow. The perfect weather conditions render it a malty, strong and tart... Read More

Try a satisfying cup of Masala Chai

Once popular in the East, the humble cup of Chai or tea has made its way to the West as well. More and more people now prefer to start their day or rejuvenate their evenings with a fresh cup of Masala Chai. While Black Tea, Oolong Tea, Green Tea and several other variants are widely popular, a lot of people are now finding Masala Chai to be very satisfying. This mixed spice tea is known for its aromatic black tea, Indian spices and herbs such as green cardamom pops, cinnamon... Read More

The Alluring World of Tea

Every year, a huge variety of tea is produced in different countries and then exported around the globe. No one can accurately tell the exact number of varieties but the processing that the tea leaves go through after being harvested decide whether they will be sold as black tea or oolong tea or green tea or white tea and so on. An interesting fact is that most countries that produce numerous varieties of tea are located near the equator. India, China, Sri Lanka, Japan and Indonesia are famous for processing/manufacturing... Read More

Darjeeling First Flush 2014 | Coming Soon

With the onset of January, the preparations for the very coveted Darjeeling First Flush Teas for the year 2014 have begun at the various tea estates in Darjeeling.  Last year, Golden Tips Teas was the first company to make available the world's earliest First Flush Darjeeling Tea to tea lovers & connoisseurs across the world with Rohini Kind being the first tea to be made available.  With our pre-bookings & limited quantity of the early offerings, some of our teas were exhausted hours after they were put on the website. ... Read More

List of the 87 Darjeeling Tea Gardens in India

Darjeeling Tea is the only product from India to the given protection under the Geographical Indication.  Just like 'Champagne' in France, teas, only grown the in the following tea gardens in the region of Darjeeling district can be marketed as 'Darjeeling Tea'.  1. Alloobari  2. Ambiok (Hillton)  3. Arya  4. Avongrove  5. Ambootia  6. Badamtam  7. Barnesbeg  8. Bannockburn  9. Balasun  10. Chon gtong - Sirist  11. Chamong  12. Castleton  13. Dhajea  14. Dooteria h  15. Dilaram  16. Edenvale  17. Ging  18. Gielle  19. Glenbum  20. Gopaldhara  21. Goomtee  22.... Read More
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