Happy Bday Dad, and Vahdam Teas!

We turn 3 today! Yes! All of you who have become a part of this exuberant family, thank you. With your loyalty towards our products, your love towards this humble brand and the happiness that we share over a cup of our tea, this means the world to me. For those of you who have been cognizant of our journey or those who have recently joined our family, I should tell you that “VAHDAM” is a reverse anagram of my father’s first name “MADHAV”. I chose 28th of April to... Read More

All You Need To Know About Darjeeling’s First Flush Tea, In Under 10 Minutes!

What makes Darjeeling’s First Flush stand out among all the other forms of teas? What drives the prices of First Flush teas every year? Find out! After three-four months of lying dormant in the winters, the tea plant — Camellia Sinensis — bursts back to life when spring sets into the mountains. Straddled along the Tropic of Cancer, Darjeeling is an ideal location for tea as the mountainside soil receives an ample amount of rainfall to replenish the plant along with the appropriate sunshine. The result, a tea leaf whose taste cannot be replicated... Read More

Three Cheers To Better Lives For Women In The Tea Gardens Of India

The association of patrons with teas sourced directly from the gardens has helped forge a happier future for women in India. Here are five women supported by tea. Every seasons we update you with the latest reports on the fluctuations in the tea trade. The idea is to prepare ourselves for the season to come. However, what the numbers do not tell us is the effect of every fall in numbers on the lives of thousands of women who depend on the trade. The women we met across three regions... Read More

An Unconventional Approach Towards The Conservation Of Tea

Taking more than a page from the traditional wisdom in India, Vrikshayurveda, the Deha Tea Estate has stepped up its game as one of the leading names in Assam’s exclusive tea gardens A tea garden that has opened its door to research and innovation while incorporating ancient wisdom to conserve the magic in the soil, Deha Tea Estate has been regularly in the news for its award-winning harvests in Assam Tea. Deeply rooted in history, there are several elements that one finds in the discovery of the unique taste produced... Read More

Here’s Why The Launch Of Nepal Tea Will Benefit Darjeeling Tea Lovers

Formed in 1983, Darjeeling Tea logo was also being used to promote many smaller regions. The true flavour of Darjeeling Tea will now be shining through. Nepal’s decision to create a separate identity for itself and create a new market takes us back to the story of 1983, when Darjeeling tea — under whose aegis Nepal had been sold for all these years — was formed. Darjeeling Tea has been cultivated since 1800s and its unique flavour is attributed to the altitude, soil conditions, direction of the wind and rain (north or west facing... Read More
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