Why we do what we do — A 25-Year-Old Founder’s Story

A look at how an Indian tea brand is trying to find a firm footing among connoisseurs worldwide with the right blend of technology & an emphasis on quality.   I wish to introduce myself as the Founder of Vahdam Teas. Vahdam Teas is a direct-to-consumer online tea brand, door-delivering premium garden fresh teas all over the world. By cutting out all middlemen & leveraging technology, we strive to make a fresher, higher quality product available in the shortest time. And, this is OUR STORY.  I come with a lineage... Read More

The Indian Tea Saga - A Brief History

The Indian tea saga is even better than an action filled espionage movie, filled with mistaken identities, conspiracies, plot twists and good bone chilling suspense. In this enthralling tale, there are not one but two cases of mistaken identities. First is China who is frequently misconceived as being the only origin of the golden brew we now call tea. Second is Britain who is commonly mistaken as the forbearer of introducing tea to the world. A case of mistaken identities. As our story begins, colonialism is spreading throughout the world... Read More