The Untold Stories Of Kurseong And The Spirits That Haunt Your Tea

One of the biggest draws to Kurseong has been the number of ghost stories that I had heard of the region. From the misty apparitions that dwell in nearby Dooars, considered one of the most haunted places in India, to the Colonial hangover that looms quite clearly in the fog in and around Darjeeling district. The city of Kurseong has been the unofficial hub for several ghosthunters through the years. A popular hangout of British spirits, a few local spirits have also got the celebrity status for scaring late night... Read More

Guess Who Can Help Bring You Good Luck? An Adorable Tea Pet!

The tradition of keeping a tea pet to accompany your daily tea originated in ancient China, when the Yuan dynasty ruled the nation. But what is a tea pet? A tea pet is a small clay figurine that becomes a part of your every day tea ritual. The tea pets first came to be as small clay toys that hot tea could be poured onto to ensure that the clay would not crack in the heat. If the tea pet survived, the tea was ready to be poured out into... Read More

15 Best Tea Blogs That Will Make You Rediscover The Love For Tea!

Writing and maintaining a blog is tough business and for many writers, tea might prove to be a limited topic to write upon. But not the ones gracing our list today! These are 15 revolutionary tea blogs that simply do not tire of writing about a favourite brew. From tea reviews and tea brands to climate change and trends in tea, they have something fresh to go with their cuppa every week! We have not placed the writers in accordance of their following or by any other measure, so don’t... Read More

Despite The Tragedy, Makaibari Shines On

Man Bahadur Gurung received me at the gate of the Makaibari bungalow. Despite the practiced smile on his face, the shock is still apparent. Beyond the little green gate at the top of the steep stairs, lies the remains of what has been the first address of Darjeeling and its priceless teas. Gurung has been one of the guards at the estate for years and has seen the house since he was just a boy. He guides me along the shards of glass and burnt hedges to what was, the... Read More

The Teacup’s Journey Through 12 Centuries, From The East To The West

After discovering tea, the Chinese simply could not have enough of it. The warm brew turned into a national celebration with tea becoming an integral part of every day life. It was not until the 10th Century that tea began its eastward journey towards Japan. By then, however, tea had already established itself well among its lovers. The proof of which lay in more than six centuries of pottery and the various forms of the tea sets and the evolution of pottery as an industry and overseen personally by the... Read More
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